Tuesday, April 23, 2019






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Sunday Worship
9:30 am
Coffee Hour 10:30 am
Church Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
9:30am - 12:15pm
Office email:


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Sunday Worship
9:30 am
Coffee Hour 10:30 am
Sunday Worship
9:30 am
Coffee Hour 10:30 am



 The Food Pantry is not closing.

The food pantry will remain open after the Church services end.




 April 6 Open House link to RSVP




We are looking forward to see you at Simpson United Methodist Church open house Saturday April 6th.
We will have assistance at our 28th Street entrance and 1st Avenue entrance to enter the building.
We do have limited handicap parking around the building and in our parking lot.

If you are not finding a place to park, Kmart on the corner of Lake Street and 1st Avenue
have agreed to let us use the EAST SIDE of their parking lot. This will be the side on 1st Avenue.
From there you will be a block and a half walking distance. There is a slight chance of a light shower.
The 28th Street bridge is closed so watch for ONE WAYS and ROAD CLOSED signs.


Welcome to Simpson United Methodist Church!